During his interview with Bret Baier, Obama made these remarks about the health insurance bill:
"Now, we can fix this in a way that is...... sensible, that is centrist. I have rejected a whole bunch of provisions that the left wanted that are — you know, they were very adamant about because I thought it would be too disruptive to the system."
The truth has finally come out. I had always thought the public option, drug reimportation, and direct Medicare drug price negotiation were traded away because large corporations hate them. But there is more to it. Apparently, saving the country $350 billion a year, halving our per capita costs, saving over 45,000 lives annually, making lifesaving biologic drugs of the future affordable, and achieving better health outcomes are ideas too "disruptive" to our President because these are ideals espoused by radical leftists!

You’d think a man that has such disdain and scorn for progressive principles would run into fierce opposition from the Progressive Caucus, but every member that pledged to oppose any final bill without a public option has already caved. I guess having deeply held principles on how to reform health care is only important when it doesn’t interfere with scoring a political victory for leadership. Nevermind that supporting the bill will only enrich and strengthen the same industries that comprise our immoral health care system.

The Obama administration will begin to tout this as a major victory this November, but you have to wonder how much longer they can continue making a mockery of liberals and not see their support become truly eroded. As long as we support representatives that are only interested in our vision for America when it is convenient for them, don’t expect this to change any time soon.